What is Temcoat Liner Flow?

by Mar 14, 2022BLOG

Innovation has always been at the heart of our mission to help shippers better protect their goods during transport.

This commitment has led us to launch our latest cargo care solution – the Temcoat Liner Flow, which will empower shippers to reduce condensation damage to cargo.

So what is the Temcoat Liner Flow?


What is the Temcoat Liner Flow?

The Temcoat Liner Flow focuses on helping shippers overcome the age-old challenge of moisture damage to cargo.

A patent-pending design of highly-reflective and breathable materials the Temcoat Liner Flow zeroes in on the intricate relationship between temperature damage and condensation
formation to protect goods against moisture damage.

By creating a fully-sealed environment, goods aren’t only protected against condensation but are shipped in food-grade conditions.

How does the Temcoat Liner Flow Protect Against Moisture Damage?

To appreciate the unrivaled protection of Temcoat Liner Flow, it is first important to understand how temperature fluctuations lead to condensation forming inside the container. You can read more about this phenomenon in our recent guide.

The thermal qualities of the Temcoat Liner Flow mean that these temperature fluctuations are eliminated, creating a stable environment inside the container.

This prevents condensation from forming inside the container in two key ways.

First, the amount of moisture that evaporates from the cargo is limited by preventing temperature peaks. This means that the relative humidity inside the container remains low, so the quantity of condensation that may form will be limited. Lower relative humidity also means that the temperature needs to drop lower for condensation to form.

This is matched by the Temcoat Liner Flow preventing sharp drops in temperature, which means conditions don’t reach the level when condensation forms. This is known as the dew point.

In the below table you can see more about when dew point will form.

The Importance of a Breathable Environment

What makes the Temcoat Liner Flow so special is the combination of thermal materials with breathable characteristics.

This patent-pending design facilitates the flow of humid air away from the cargo area, further eliminating the risk of moisture damage.

Because the Temcoat Liner Flow is manufactured with water-resistant materials, any condensation that forms on the container walls or ceiling, will not damage the cargo.

These breathable characteristics also mean that the Temcoat Liner Flow can be used in combination with the Vdry Bag desiccants. This can be hung around the container and will absorb humidity from the air, further reducing the dew point inside the container.

Who will Benefit from the Temcoat Liner Flow?

The Temcoat Liner Flow has already been identified as a game-changing solution for shipments that typically see major problems with moisture damage.

This includes commodities that are shipped from tropical regions to cooler climates, such as coffee from South America to Europe, especially during the Northern Hemisphere winter. This challenge can be exacerbated by the nature of the cargo which makes it at a greater risk of condensation damage.

Other products, such as powdered dairy and pharmaceuticals, are highly sensitive to moisture and must be shipped in conditions with zero condensation.