Our History

Our jouney started in 2001 upon a unique vision to protect cargo against damage and facilitate the logistics chain.

This philosophy is embodied with a particular focus on temperature control, protection against moisture damage and securing cargo loads. This has given rise to a range of innovative products that have benefitted customers around the world.

By using the latest high-tech manufacturing techniques and tailoring our designs to the specific needs of each type of client, we have been able to constantly innovate new solutions and have become recognized as a global industry leader.

In 2012 we introduced absorbent blankets for container shipments. This was a completely radical approach to dealing with the problem of moisture damage and immediately led to a significant improvement in the condition in which goods were shipped.

This collection of absorbent blankets is now the go-to option for the biggest shippers across high-risk industries around the world.

In 2014 we added a new factory with advanced manufacturing capabilities to develop desiccant bags with improved features such as greater absorption capacity and state-of-the-art membrane technology to eliminate leaking and maximize breathability.

Our most important event today is the formation of our new global structure; EPG INDUSTRIES. This allows us increase our presence as global pioneers through our offices in the US, Europe and South America. Complementing this is an ever-growing network of specialist distributors so that our products can benefit more and more customers around the world.


Our fundamental principle is to develop innovative solutions that improve the sustainable development of our company and that of our customers.

This has never been more important than it is today. The global challenges are real and will not vanish on their own. Climate change is affecting our way of life. The world population continues to increase. We have more mouths to feed, limited lands to cultivate and fewer resources of which to take advantage.

At EPG INDUSTRIES, we believe in facing these challenges head on. There is no compromise between building a profitable business and solving global challenges. But both companies and governments must do their part. Together we make a difference, our mission and our vision embody the spirit and DNA of EPG INDUSTRIES.


Our mission is our reason to exist and defines the purpose of our company.

We believe that it is crucial to eliminate the poor practices in cargo care that lead to damaged goods and replace them with high-quality solutions to better protect their shipments.

Achieving this will benefit every shipper around the world. Not only by reducing losses and waste, but also minimize the carbon footprint for the greater good of the environment.


Our founders faced and overcame many challenges. With collaboration and curiosity, they combined and expanded their knowledge to help save millions of tons of cargo.

Our vision is based on guaranteeing a sustainable future. A collaborative community that overcomes barriers to create solutions that lead to a world of multimodal transport without losses.