we’re epg industries

a cargo care company

Our History

Our journey started in 2001 upon a unique vision to protect cargo against damage and facilitate the logistics chain.
This philosophy is embodied with a particular focus on temperature control, protection against moisture damage and securing cargo loads. This gave rise to a range of innovative products that have benefit customers around the world.

By using the latest high-tech manufacturing techniques and tailoring our designs to the specific needs of each type of client,  constantly innovate new solutions and are recognized as a global industry leader.
In 2012 we introduced absorbent blankets for container shipments. This was a completely radical approach to dealing with the problem of moisture damage and immediately led to a significant improvement in the condition in which goods were shipped.
This collection of absorbent blankets is now the go-to option for the biggest shippers across high-risk industries around the world.

In 2014 we added a new manufacturing facility to develop desiccant bags with superior qualities, such as greater absorption capacity and improved breathability and resistance.

Our dna

Our mission is built on a principle to develop high-quality solutions that enhance industry practices and empower our clients to improve their shipping operations.

This pioneering spirit not only facilitates sustainable and environmentally friendly growth but has a tangible impact on reducing carbon emissions by minimizing cargo losses and associated waste.

Underpinning this vision is our presence in South America, the United States and Europe, along with a wide network of global distributors. This allows our philosophy to benefit more  clients around the world and reflects our commitment to diversity and integration within our organization.