What are Thermal Pallet Covers?

by Feb 9, 2022BLOG

Thermal pallet covers are an essential way to protect temperature-sensitive cargo at all stages of the supply chain.

As with other forms of cold chain packaging, thermal pallet covers ensure that goods are not exposed to extreme temperatures or fluctuations during handling, despite any external climatic stresses.

This makes thermal pallet covers popular with high-risk industries such as perishables and pharmaceuticals.



How do Thermal Pallet Covers Protect your Cargo?

Thermal pallet covers are placed over palletized cargo and are considered one of the most effective forms of cold chain packaging.

The main way in which thermal pallet covers protect cargo is by reflecting thermal radiation, which can occur when goods are exposed to direct sunlight or a heat source such as the hot metal walls of shipping containers or trucks.

By creating a barrier between the goods and a heat source, thermal pallet covers also protect against heat damage via conduction. Similarly, temperature-sensitive cargo is also protected against convection.


Key Characteristics of Thermal Pallet Covers

With so many different types of thermal pallet covers available on the market, sometimes it can be hard to know which is best suited for your needs.

There are several key characteristics you should keep an eye out for to make sure you pick the right kind of thermal packaging.

It is first important to recognize the conditions in which your goods need to be shipped. For example, dairy products require temperatures that don’t exceed 2°C-5°C, while wine will maintain its integrity when shipped at temperatures around 20°C.

This understanding will help you make better decisions when it comes to choosing a thermal pallet cover. 

Thermal pallet covers with an outer membrane made with pure aluminum will reflect more thermal radiation than those manufactured with other materials, such as polythene. 

The Temcoat Cover reflects up to 97% thermal radiation. This is superior to other materials which may only reflect around 75%. When talking about temperature-sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals, this superiority makes all the difference, ensuring goods remain protected despite exposure to elevated conditions.

Some models of Temcoat Cover are manufactured with an insulating layer of foam or air bubbles. This means greater protection, especially for chilled or refrigerated goods which need to be transported at lower temperatures.



Why use Cold Chain Packaging when Shipping in Refrigerated Conditions?

Unsurprisingly those who ship in refrigerated conditions often assume they don’t require cold chain packaging.

However, many supply chain experts identify that cargo heat damage most commonly occurs during transloading. This is a result of cargo being exposed directly to the elements, or heat emitted from asphalt loading docks.

Because of this, it is essential for shippers who transport their goods in refrigerated conditions to protect their cargo with thermal pallet covers.