The Benefits of the Vdry Blanket

by Feb 25, 2022BLOG

Since we first developed and launched the concept of an absorbent blanket for container shipments in 2007, the popularity of the Vdry Blanket has continued to grow.

It’s been an exciting journey allowing us to team up with customers around the world. From automobile manufacturers in Scandinavia to coffee shippers in South America, the Vdry Blanket has delivered real-life benefits across a variety of high-risk industries.

The wide range of markets that we work with means that we have a wealth of information to improve the Vdry Blanket. In other words, the lessons we learn working with West African cocoa exporters directly impact the Vdry Blanket that is used by shippers in North America and Europe.

The Vdry Blanket is always evolving, with improved features constantly added. The latest model with a variety of key design enhancements has a worldwide patent pending.

Let’s take a look at some of the standout characteristics that make the Vdry Blanket the superior absorbent blanket on the market.


Increased Absorption Capacity

Whatever solution you pick to protect cargo against shipping container condensation, it’s always important to remember that absorption is king.

This is why we continue to work on our super-absorbent gel mix.

The Vdry Blanket absorbs a greater volume of condensation than before, making it the superior model on the market.

As with many of the key characteristics, this unrivaled absorption is tested for veracity by independent organizations.


Single Piece Design

The Vdry Blanket  is manufactured with a single piece of material. This means that there are no seams or stitching running through the Vdry Blanket.

Why is this important?

Other models on the market are manufactured with two or three pieces that are sewn together, which results in an increased risk of leaking and cargo damage.


New Multi-layered Technology

Working alongside shippers from all four corners of the globe gives us invaluable insights to continuously improve the Vdry Blanket.

This feedback led us to our latest innovation – a new, tailor-designed double membrane on the lower surface of the Vdry Blanket.

Where other models are manufactured with a single layer of material, this double-film enhances the absorbent and leakproof qualities of the Vdry Blanket.

This high-performance membrane is essential in absorbing condensation that may form on the lower surface of a container blanket. This can occur in high-risk shipments, such as those that have long transit times or severe temperature fluctuations.

In these scenarios, the double-membrane will absorb excess condensation to minimize the risk of moisture damage to goods.

When condensation forms on the surface of a container blanket which does not have the extra film, these drops will fall onto the goods below leading to cargo losses.


More Environmentally Friendly

While the superior protection of the Vdry Blanket is critical, it’s also important to recognize that the Vdry Blanket is a more environmentally friendly option.

Since 2019 we have added a white version of the Vdry Blanket to complement the standard green version. This means that color dyes are removed to reduce the environmental impact.

This campaign matches our other environmental initiatives, such as planting native trees.