The Benefits of High-Performance Cargo Desiccants

by Jan 24, 2023BLOG

Cargo desiccants are widely used to protect goods against shipping container condensation.

However, with so many different options on the market, it is essential to understand the variety of benefits of choosing superior quality container desiccants.

You can read more about the features to keep an eye out for when picking a cargo desiccant in our previous guide. This includes characteristics such as high absorption capacity and ensuring your cargo desiccant doesn’t leak.

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Superior Protection to Cargo

Let’s start with the obvious. You’re choosing a cargo desiccant to minimize the risk of shipping container condensation damage to your goods.

Therefore, picking a superior container desiccant will help ensure that your goods are shipped in dry conditions.

Container desiccant bags with a higher absorption capacity remove a greater volume of humidity from the container atmosphere. This lowers the dew point inside the container, which minimizes the likelihood that condensation will form.

Similarly, it is important to make sure that your cargo desiccant doesn’t leak. Substandard container desiccants may start to drip all over your goods, leading to expensive damages.


Spend Less on Cargo Desiccant Material

You can achieve a greater level of protection with a lower quantity of high-absorption cargo desiccants as you would with a large volume of models with an inferior capacity.

In other words, five kilos of a cargo desiccant with a 200% absorption capacity will absorb the same amount as ten kilos of a model that absorbs only 100%.

While it may be tempting to opt for container desiccant with a lower unit cost, once you run the numbers you’ll quickly find that you can save money with superior quality models, as you need to use a smaller quantity.


Savings on Freight, Storage and Labor Hours

Following the thread of the previous point, using a lower quantity of container desiccants means a variety of other cost-saving benefits.

First, there are the delivery costs to consider. Freight can be expensive, so shipping fewer pallets of cargo desiccants will convert into important savings for your company.

On a similar note, you’ll also enjoy more space around the warehouse if you need to store fewer pallets of desiccant bags for shipping containers.

Finally, if you require fewer units of cargo desiccants inside your shipping container, this will minimize handling costs and loading time.


Minimize your Carbon Footprint

We’ve covered some of the economic considerations of high-performance cargo desiccants, but did you know that there are a variety of environmental benefits too?

Cargo losses have a huge environmental impact. This means that high-performance container desiccants that reduce these damages play an important role in minimizing the carbon footprint of cargo shipping.

As we’ve already discussed, if you’re using superior desiccant bags for shipping containers, you need fewer units to protect your cargo. This will lead to less material to dispose of when your container reaches its destination.

There are also environmental benefits in shipping fewer pallets of cargo desiccants.



As we’ve seen, there a variety of important benefits in picking high-performance desiccant bags for shipping containers to protect your cargo:

  • Minimize the risk of cargo damages
  • Reduce spending on unnecessary desiccant materials
  • Enjoy savings in freight, warehouse and handing costs
  • Lower your carbon footprint