4 reasons why you should use the Bulko Vacuum Liner

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The Bulko Vacuum Liner creates an impermeable and food-grade environment to protect goods against condensation and contamination inside the container.

Manufactured with a multi-layered, hermetic film, the Bulko Vacuum Liner is a superior barrier against moisture, residues and gases, and facilitates the removal of air from around the cargo area with a vacuum machine.

These high-performance deliver a variety of important benefits making the Bulko Vacuum Liner a popular choice across markets such as coffee, cocoa, grains and nuts.


Create a Food-Grade Environment

Sometimes it is not always possible to find a container that meets the necessary cleanliness standard. This can be because of dirt and other contaminants around the container, or due to residues or spills from previous shipments.

The Bulko Vacuum Liner creates a fully-sealed environment in which goods are isolated from the conditions around the container.

This is enhanced by a multi-layer hermetic film that is selected for its superior impermeability to gases and liquids, to ensure goods remain in optimal conditions.




Prevent Infestation to Cargo

The Bulko Vacuum Liner facilitates the removal of air from the cargo area, and includes a valve through which carbon dioxide and other gases can be added.

This process eliminates any insects around the goods, and prevents them from reproducing, which can be a major problem for many agricultural shipments such as grains and rice.

Preventing infestation in this way is a good option when shipping organic goods, or in scenarios in which fumigation is not permitted.


Minimize the Risk of Condensation Damage

Moisture damage to cargo is a major problem, impacting around 10% of container shipments.

We’ve already discussed the importance of the Bulko Vacuum Liner’s hermetic film in isolating goods from any external moisture, which means protection against any condensation that forms on the container ceiling and walls.

The vacuum method also helps minimize the risk of moisture damage. By limiting the air around the cargo, the Bulko Vacuum Liner reduces the amount of condensation that can
form, ensuring protection for high-risk goods.

Adding the Vdry Bag desiccants will absorb humidity from the air to lower the dew point around the cargo and further reduce the likelihood of moisture damage.


Extend the Shelf Life of Cargo

Removing air from around the cargo also has other other benefits.

For example, it plays an important role in slowing down the degradation of goods, and preserving qualities such as aroma, color and taste.

By extending the shelf-life of cargo, the Bulko Vacuum Liner ensures goods arrive in the same condition in which they were loaded, despite long transit times.


Wrap up on the benefits of the Bulko Vacuum Liner…

As we’ve seen the hermetic and fully-sealed qualities of the Bulko Vacuum Liner play an important role in creating an ideal cargo environment and reducing the risk of damage: